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Apr 14, 2022 | Submission

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On the 7th of April, the Minister of Education announced a consultation around the guidelines currently covering promoting healthy food and drink in schools, which are due to expire. The Ministry of Education wants to know whether these guidelines should be turned into regulations which also only allow the supply of healthy drinks.

The Government’s preferred position is that this regulation only cover supplying healthy drinks in primary schools, not secondary schools, and that the duty to provide healthy food isn’t included.

It’s important that the guidelines become regulations which ensure healthy food AND drinks in both primary and secondary schools. If we are serious about improving the food environment for all children in Aotearoa, we should make sure every school in the country has the same, evidence-based regulations to provide healthy food and drink. You can read HCA’s press release here

Anyone can make a submission – parents, teachers, nutritionists, and people who want their communities to be the best environment for our kids.

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