Organisational Membership

Health Coalition Aotearoa envisions greater health and equity for all New Zealanders through reduced consumption of harmful products, join us to make this a reality

Apply for organisational membership

There is no membership fee for joining the Coalition at this early stage, so we are reliant on donations to give us the capacity to undertake this important prevention work. Therefore we are asking all members on joining if they would contribute a start-up donation. The donation form will load once the application is complete.

The Coalition rules require that anyone who wishes to become a member of the society declare any commercial or other interests that might potentially conflict with the purposes or policies of the Health Coalition Aotearoa. You can read more about this policy here.

If you would like to apply as an individual please do so using the individual membership form.

Organisational membership

Organisational membership is open to organisations who are committed to prevention, especially reducing harm from tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy food. Organisational members are non-governmental, non-commercial organisations such as NGOs, professional associations, and academic groups who do not have commercial conflicts of interest.