Conflict of interest policy for members

The Health Coalition Aotearoa is an incorporated society governed by Rules that comply with the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.  The Health Coalition Aotearoa Rules require that anyone who wishes to become a member of the society must declare any commercial or other interests that might potentially conflict with the purposes or policies of the Health Coalition Aotearoa. 

 The mission of the Health Coalition Aotearoa is

To provide a collective voice and expert support for effective policies and actions to reduce the harm from tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy foods and to reduce inequities through a focus on the determinants of health.”

 The Coalition believes that the commercial activities of the tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy food industries (‘relevant industries’) are potentially in conflict with its aims and objectives. Therefore, all prospective members (organisations or individuals) need to declare potential conflicts of interest to ensure that the Coalition’s independence, reputation, integrity and credibility are maintained. Prospective members with significant potential conflicts of interest (as assessed by the Board) will be denied membership.

Examples of potential conflicts of interest for organisations or individuals are:

  • Being employed, funded, sponsored or contracted by relevant industries
  • Receiving funding or expenses for research projects, speaking, projects, events or any activity by relevant industries
  • Being on a board, advisory committee or other group related to the relevant industries
  • Being in partnerships, alliances or other collective organisations with relevant industries