Submission on the Pae Ora Bill

The Pae Ora Bill is a draft law that will shape the biggest changes to our health system in a generation. HCA is proactively releasing our submission to the special Select Committee that will hear evidence from stakeholders on these major reforms to our health system, and services. Overall, we think that reform is necessary. However, there is much more that could be done to improve health outcomes and health equity in Aotearoa than the current draft Bill allows for, because 80% of the drivers of health are outside the healthcare services system. If we are to truly achieve healthy futures for all, the Government must use this opportunity to weave wellbeing measures into the whole system of public services and public policy – so we are working together as one team. We are also proactively releasing the submission of our Roopuu Apaarangi Waipiro (Alcohol Expert Panel) which goes into more detail on public health and regulation matters in the Bill relating to alcohol, and the appropriate use of the alcohol levy. We look forward to presenting directly to the Pae Ora Select Committee.  

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