Supporting Organisations

We are a collective of health/consumer/community organisations and academic leaders with expertise in many aspects of health especially in tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy food.

The Coalition has been established in 2018 with support from the following foundation members*:

Activity & Nutrition Aotearoa
Cancer Society
Hauora NZ
Stroke Foundation NZ
The Asian Network Incorporated
Alcohol Action NZ
Consumer NZ
He Waka Tapu
New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine
The Thoracic Society
Alcohol Healthwatch
Diabetes New Zealand
Heart Foundation
New Zealand Dental Association
The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Alzheimers New Zealand
Dietitians NZ
Kidney Health NZ
Toi Tangata
Australian Sleep Association
Edgar Diabetes & Obesity Research
Massey University
Paediatric Society NZ
The Asian Network Incorporated
Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine
Hāpai Te Hauora
University of Otago - The National Addiction Centre
The Asian Network Incorporated

Interested in becoming a member?

If your organisation is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation with an interest in reducing harm from tobacco, alcohol or unhealthy food please contact us about joining the Coalition.

Experts in the NGO, healthcare and academic sectors have the knowledge and capacity to help government design and implement the best policy options for the health of New Zealanders

Academic Leaders

Academic leaders are health professors who support the kaupapa of the Health Coalition Aotearoa*:

  • Professor Peter Adams
  • Professor Shanthi Ameratunga
  • Professor Bruce Arroll
  • Professor Michael Baker
  • Associate Professor Jo Baxter
  • Emeritus Professor Robert Beaglehole
  • Professor Lutz Beckert
  • Emeritus Professor Ruth Bonita-Beaglehole
  • Professor John Broughton
  • Professor Chris Bullen
  • Professor Barbara Burlingame
  • Professor Sally Casswell
  • Professor Jane Coad
  • Professor Jennie Connor
  • Associate Professor Brian Cox
  • Professor Peter Crampton
  • Professor Timothy Cundy
  • Emeritus Professor Peter Davis
  • Associate Professor Simon Denny
  • Professor Sarah Derrett
  • Professor Jeroen Douwes
  • Professor Richard Edwards
  • Professor Mark Elwood
  • Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith
  • Professor Cameron Grant
  • Emeritus Professor Andrew Hornblow
  • Professor Rodney Jackson
  • Associate Professor Michael Keall
  • Associate Professor Rozanne Kruger
  • Professor Jim Mann
  • Professor John McCall
  • Associate Professor Judith McCool
  • Professor Lesley McCowan
  • Associate Professor David Menkes
  • Professor Jane Mills
  • Professor Roger Mulder
  • Professor John Potter
  • Professor Elaine Rush
  • Professor Diana Sarfati
  • Professor Doug Sellman
  • Professor Louise Signal
  • Associate Professor Rachel Simon-Kumar
  • Associate Professor Tai Sopoaga
  • Professor Tim Stokes
  • Professor Boyd Swinburn
  • Professor Rachael Taylor
  • Associate Professor Lee Thompson
  • Professor George Thomson
  • Professor Murray Thomson
  • Professor Les Toop
  • Associate Professor Jennifer Utter
  • Associate Professor Carol Wham
  • Associate Professor Ben Wheeler
  • Honorary Professor Harvey White
  • Professor Nick Wilson
*These organisations and leaders have endorsed the establishment of Health Coalition Aotearoa as they support and work towards its overall mission and goals. Specific details of policy priorities to prevent the harm from unhealthy commodities and to strengthen public health foundations, are up for debate during the annual prevention week. All our members maintain their independent voice, and what it shown on this website may not represent the views of all individual Coalition members.

Health Coalition Aotearoa is supported by its member organisations and academic leaders.