Health Coalition Aotearoa (HCA) signs MOU with Moana Connect to address specific health challenges facing Pacific peoples and communities

Together – through their high-impact partnership – HCA and Moana Connect aim to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for Pacific peoples by providing a greater awareness of the specific health issues they face and strengthening advocacy for policy solutions.

The two organisations recognise the importance of working together to address the health challenges facing Pacific peoples and communities – such as the disproportionate burden of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer from harmful products. They also aim to address gaps in the social determinants of health, including adequate and secure housing, access to education employment, digital literacy, and inclusive environments.

Together, they are committed to grow Pacific voices and advocacy through representation on HCA Expert Panels; increase the visibility of both HCA and Moana Connect within the health sector and society; and support the implementation of evidence-based prevention policies and practices that will address the health needs of Pacific peoples and communities.

“Empowering Pacific voices, shaping healthier futures.” – Moana Connect

Moana Connect is a Pacific-owned and Pacific-led organisation committed to elevating the experiences and outcomes of Pacific families and communities. Their mission is to ensure Pacific voices are heard and that change follows. They seek to help Pacific peoples and communities navigate and lead healthy and successful lives through evidence-based solutions. Emphasising integrity, culture, engagement, and quality, their approach embodies these values at its core.

Health Coalition Aotearoa (HCA) is a coalition of 45 member organisations, supported by four expert panels, committed to closing the health prevention gap in Aotearoa with Te Tiriti-led, evidence-based policies that reduce consumption of harmful products and increase access to healthy food. Our expert panel members are leaders in their field, using their collective academic and clinical knowledge, research, practice and networks to advocate for prevention policies and actions.

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