Absolute support for Smokefree generation package

The Smokefree Expert Panel of Health Coalition Aotearoa has proactively released its submission to the Government’s Smokefree 2025 action plan consultation. Expert panel member Andrew Waa says consensus supporting all the Smokefree 2025 proposals was immediate and complete . “There is no one magic bullet to keep our communities safe from smoking” Mr Waa said. “The evidence shows the Government needs to implement the full package to achieve Smokefree 2025 and free a generation from the harms of tobacco. Restricting retail availability, introducing a licensing system, minimum pricing, reducing nicotine levels, and increased evidence-based quitting marketing campaigns and services all need to be undertaken together.” “For too long, Smokefree interventions were undertaken in isolation, which is why so many rangitahi are still taking up smoking and risking their health. It’s rare that there is such broad and strong consensus from public health experts on a Government proposal in a previously undercooked area like tobacco control. This package has a real shot at stamping out tobacco harm in Aotearoa, and the Minister has the backing of providers, academics and the community to get it done for good.” Submissions to the Government’s Smokefree 2025 action plan closed on the 31st of May but have not yet been released. The full HCA Smokefree expert panel submission can be downloaded here.

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