Health Coalition Aotearoa

HCA is a coalition of 45 member organisations committed to closing the health prevention gap in Aotearoa by advocating for
Te Tiriti-led, evidence-based, policies that reduce consumption of harmful products and increase access to health-giving food.

“Me tikanga mahi ngātahi.”

Working together as one.

The root of the problem

Nearly one-third of the overall preventable health loss in New Zealand is caused by unhealthy diets, high BMI, tobacco, and alcohol.

Families should be empowered to make decisions about their own wellbeing in environments where healthy kai, good housing and education are easy to access, while harmful products – and their promotion – are restricted.

Preventable premature death and disability in New Zealand






Unhealthy diet


High BMI (Obesity)

We are prevention and equity champions

HCA is creating an Aotearoa that prioritises prevention and health equity through our expert panels on tobacco/smokefree, alcohol, unhealthy food and public health infrastructure – and with our member organisations.

We serve member organisations that are committed to prevention and equity

Determinants of health

How do we prevent disease, prolong life and promote the health of all New Zealanders?

A core part of prevention is to address the underlying economic and societal determinants of health and disease, including historical and contemporary inequities in income and employment, housing, education, urban development and participatory democracy.


Integrity Protection in Public Policymaking

In a healthy democracy political decisions are informed by a wide range of voices and serve a broad public interest. Integrity in public policymaking means everyone’s voices are considered equitably and no-one is allowed to distort the decision-making process in their own interest at the expense of the collective good.

Increasing integrity:

Creates trust in government
Benefits the health and wellbeing of people and the environment
Fosters a more robust and equitable economy and society.

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