About us

HCA is a coalition of health NGOs, professionals and academics with an unwavering commitment to reduce harm from tobacco, alcohol, unhealthy food and advance public health equity.


Together with its four expert panels – alcohol, tobacco, unhealthy food and public health infrasturcture – HCA is a powerful collective voice for preventative health in Aotearoa.

Our mission

HCA’s vision is for an Aotearoa where strong preventative health measures, policies and strategies protect against the impacts of harmful industries, informed by the best evidence and a commitment to honour the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Whānau can and should be empowered to make decisions to support their health and wellbeing without the over-whelming presence and influence of harmful products, and their marketing.

This means creating healthy environments where harmful products and marketing are regulated. It also means having equitable access to the determinants of good health across the life-span.

The challenge

  • Unhealthy diets, obesity, tobacco, and alcohol contribute about one third of the overall preventable health loss in Aotearoa/New Zealand, with wide inequities by ethnicity and levels of disadvantage.
  • Many policies recommended by the World Health Organisation to reduce the impact of harmful products (tobacco, alcohol, unhealthy foods and beverages) on health and equity have been weakly implemented or not implemented at all in Aotearoa/New Zealand.
  • Investment in population prevention of harm from tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy food is <1/2% of the national health budget and government prevention infrastructure is weak

Our path

The genesis for HCA was a discussion among about 30 people from 20 health-related organisations about how they could collectively take action on the prevention of harm from alcohol, tobacco and unhealthy food at a meeting in Wellington on May 7, 2018.

Just seven months later on November 7, 2018, HCA was officially launched at an event at Parliament.

In mid-2019 HCA became an Incorporated Soceity and achieved charitable status.  A board was established, along with four expert panels.

Since then, HCA has become a trusted voice for action on reducing harm from tobacco, alcohol, unhealthy food and public health equity.

Implementing WHO’s ‘Best Buys’ for preventing chronic disease will save lives and money

Our members

Members of the Health Coalition Aotearoa are non-governmental health and consumer organisations (such as health providers, health charities, medical and health professional organisations) and individual academic leaders (professors and associate professors with expertise in aspects of health and prevention) and public health professionals.

HCA Board Members

HCA is led by board representatives from our member organisations:

Professor Boyd Swinburn

Professor Boyd Swinburn
University of Auckland

Professor Lisa Te Morenga


Grant Berghan Independent

David Galler

David Galler

Belinda Castles

Belinda Castles
Consumer NZ

Sally Liggins
Massey University

Belinda Castles

Jason Alexander
Hāpai Te Hauora

Health Coalition Expert Panel Chairs

Our expert panels guide HCA in its mahi and are chaired by the following people.

David Galler

David Galler
Public Health Infrastructure Co-Chair

David Galler

Steve Randerson
Roopuu Apaarangi Waipiro (Alcohol) Chair
Massey University

David Galler

Grant Berghan
Public Health Infrastructure Co-Chair

David Galler

Dr. Karen Wright
Roopuu Apaarangi Waipiro (Alcohol) Co-Chair
University of Auckland

David Galler

Leitu Tufuga
Smokefree Expert Advisory Group Co-Chair
Hāpai Te Hauora

David Galler

Dr. Sally Mackay
Food Policy Co-Chair
University of Auckland

David Galler

Sue Taylor
Smokefree Expert Advisory Group Co-Chair

Expert Panels

The expert panels are comprised of the following members.

Smokefree Expert Advisory Group

  • Leitu Tufuga (Co-Chair) – Hāpai Te Hauora
  • Sue Taylor (Co-Chair) – T&T Consulting Ltd
  • Sally Liggins – Massey University
  • Professor Chris Bullen – University of Auckland
  • Professor Richard Edwards – University of Otago
  • Professor Janet Hoek – University of Otago
  • Andrew Waa – Aspire/Eru Pomare Māori Health Research Centre
  • Rebecca Gilbert – Cancer Society Auckland – Northland
  • Aporina Chapman – Toi Te Ora BoP DHB

Roopuu Apaarangi Waipiro (Alcohol)

  • Steve Randerson (Co-Chair) – Massey University
  • Karen Wright (Co-Chair) – Independent
  • Professor Jennie Connor – University of Otago
  • Dr Valerie McGinn – Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) Centre
  • Dr John Bonning – Australasian College for Emergency Medicine
  • Kristen Maynard – Independent
  • Professor Antonia Lyons – University of Auckland

 Food Policy Expert Panel

  • Dr Sally Mackay (Co-Chair) – University of Auckland
  • Sande Gates (Co-Chair) – Independent
  • Dr Leanne Young – University of Auckland
  • Cristina Cleghorn – University of Otago
  • Belinda Castles – Consumer NZ
  • Fiona Sing – Independent
  • Dr Christina McKerchar – University of Otago, Christchurch
  • Tara Dymus – Hāpai Te Hauora
  • Dr Nikki Renall – Massey University
  • Dr Victoria Egli – Auckland University
  • Emmeline Taptiklis – Cancer Society Wellington
  • Mafi Funaki-Tahifote – Independent

Public Health Infrastructure Expert Panel

  • Dr David Galler (Co-Chair) – Independent 
  • Grant Berghan (Co-Chair) – Independent
  • Sione Tu’itahi – Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand, Runanga Whakapiki Ake i te Hauora o Aotearoa
  • Warren Lindberg – independent
  • Professor Peter Adams – University of Auckland
  • Janell Dymus-Kurei – Hāpai Te Hauora Māori Public Health, Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Whātua
  • Associate Professor Tim Tenbensel – University of Auckland
  • Harriet Wilde – ASMS Toi Mata Hauora
  • Dr Mariam Parwaiz – Public Health Physician

HCA Staff

David Galler

Faye Langdon
Acting Executive Director
+64 21 780 138

David Galler

Cate Macintosh
Senior Communications Lead
+64 27 836 5001

Joany Grima
Project Coordinator

Grace Shaw

Danica Ludlow
Research Assistant

This website and all content is authorised by Board Chair Professor Boyd Swinburn, c/o Auckland University School of Population Health, (Building 507) 22-30 Park Ave, Grafton, Auckland, 1023 on behalf of Health Coalition Aotearoa.